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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Third Grade Gestapo

There's a serious investigation over a breach of security going on at Hamagrael Elementary School. There is a distinct possibility that 91 third graders may have had access to five questions that appareared on THE TEST. Never mind, the gaping hole in the ozone, the bumbling department of homeland security, and the carnage and devastation each day from the war in Iraq - the nation's competitiveness and future are at stake! The silver lining for Hamagrael Elementary, they don't have to worry about their Title 1 funds being taken away - that's for the poor schools to worry about.

How much do you think this investigation will cost? Perhaps Pearson could send in a SWAT team of investigators to help out.
The scores of all the tests in all the grades will be recorded and the results will be published after the end of the year, said Education Department spokesman Tom Dunn. Those scores make up the Adequate Yearly Progress mark, which, school and state officials admit, probably will put Hamagrael on the list of schools to watch.

However, it takes two years on that list before the state designates a school as one in need.
A low score won't affect state aid, said Dunn.

"About the only funds would be (federal) Title 1 and that program is for schools in poverty areas," he said.
If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it.

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