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Friday, March 03, 2006

Honey, I'm Home

The pudgy little brother was on hand earlier this month just down the road from Disneyworld to bless a new venture in Christian living. It is inspired by $250 million Domino's pizza money, and its theme is Catholic purity. In this Pleasantville, there will be no pornography, no birth control, and no abortion. I wonder what won't be in the school library.

The town of Ave Maria is being constructed around Ave Maria University, the first Catholic university to be built in the United States in about 40 years. Both are set to open next year about 25 miles east of Naples in southwestern Florida.

The town and the university, developed in partnership with the Barron Collier Co., an agricultural and real estate business, will be set on 5,000 acres with a European-inspired town center, a massive church and what planners call the largest crucifix in the nation, at nearly 65 feet tall. Monaghan envisions 11,000 homes and 20,000 residents.

During a speech last year at a Catholic men's gathering in Boston, Monaghan said that in his community, stores will not sell pornographic magazines, pharmacies will not carry condoms or birth control pills, and cable television will have no X-rated channels.

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