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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Green Dot, Inc. and Weingarten Ready for the Bloomberg to Fire the Starting Gun

Weingarten has the troops mobilized and ready to give away their job security and autonomy. Wonder if she is angling for some of the Broad-Gates cash to fund her campaign for AFT president? Then Broad would own management (Green Dot, Inc.) and labor (AFT)--and, of course, the souls of the children. From New York Teacher:

Buffalo, NYC charter school teachers join union


Hector Ruiz Jr., community organizer at the UFT Bronx office, stands behind parents who come out in force to support the UFT-Green Dot charter school in New York City. Photo provided by UFT.

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  1. I've been looking at Green Dot as a sort of "union-lite" situation. You have a union, but you never gain seniority rights, there is no tenure, and your job can be eliminated whenever management feels like it. As far as I know, the "just cause" dismissal procedure has never been tested. It appears there's no reason for them to even utilize it.