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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

North Carolina Primed to Uncap Charter Schools

Following a couple of cursory meetings that allowed no research or substantive dialog on the subject to be considered, a blue ribbon commission appointed by the State Board of Education of North Carolina concluded that the State should remove its cap on charter schools. Of course, the chairman of the commission had tipped his hand at the first meeting, where he kicked things off by recommending, you guessed it, the expansion of charter schools.

State legislators are keen on the idea of charter schools to solve the overcrowding problem in NC's public schools. It's much cheaper to open a charter in, let's say, an old Comp USA than to actually build a school for students. And of course, those pesky teachers can be hired and fired at will for less money in these new educational sweatshops.

Watch this interview with Chris Fitzsimon on why the North Carolina Board of Education should slow down in their haste to do the business of the Business Roundtable. And notice, too, the slant of the little dumbed down news piece within which the interview clips are placed.

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