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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Opting Out of Testing

There is only one tactic that will stop the testing hysteria: parents who refuse to have their children's education hijacked. From Coalition for Better Education:

We would like to encourage you to read through our site and make a decision to join us. We hope you will not remain silent but will let your local school board and representatives know how you feel about NCLB and CSAP. If you are parents, we would like to encourage you to opt your child out of testing. It is legal and can be done (see below). This act may be the best way to inform education officials of your stance on the endless testing of our students.

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CSAP: Leaving Our Children Behind
Dear Parents:

CSAP (Colorado Student Assessment Program) testing is upon us…my 8-year-old’s class alone is scheduled for 16.5 hours of timed testing. After months of researching this exam and its negative implications, I have come to the conclusion that such extended testing is not only cruel, but also a waste of my tax dollars, a poor use of time that could be spent learning, and an activity that returns inconsequential results for my child, Canyon Creek and our district. My child will be opting out of CSAP testing because as a parent, that is my choice.

Read the rest of Kelley Coffman-Lee's research on CSAP

Please click on the opt out letters below if you wish to exempt your child from CSAP.

Click on the Susan Ohanian hyperlink for two sample opt out letters that she has created. Ohanian sample Opt Out Letters

We have also provided downloadable Opt Out Letters below.

Opt Out Letters

The Opt Out Letter is a form that can be downloaded as a PDF (in English/en Espanol) or as a print friendly form (in English/en EspaƄol) (opens a new window).

The Opt Out Letter is summarized as follows:

Please be advised that my child, ___________________________________, will not be participating in CSAP testing during the current school year. I understand that the law provides the parent or guardian the right of choice regarding this standardized testing. In my opinion, such testing is not in the best interests of our children since it promotes competition instead of cooperation, and blunts, not stimulates, our children's curiosity. I understand, too, that the school will provide appropriate learning activities during testing times. I request that no record of CSAP testing be part of my child's permanent file.

Please join us in signing a petition calling for the end to NCLB. You can reach this petition at the following website.http://www.educatorroundtable.org/

Want to know how it's going in other states? Paste the link below into your browser to read information from our sister organization in California.


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