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Monday, November 03, 2008

Margaret Spellings Beats the Bushes For Work

From the Wall Street Journal:
Many of the roughly 3,000 political appointees of President George W. Bush are beating the bushes harder than expected for post-election employment.

. . . .

One high-level Bush appointee who has yet to launch his job search said colleagues are alarmed by the weak job market. "They are getting a lot less than they expected," he said.

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, for example, has signaled possible interest in leading a business, one knowledgeable person says. But a mid-sized industrial business seeking a CEO recently declined to consider her because of her lack of corporate experience, as well as her close ties to the president, that person says. Ms. Spellings has been advising President Bush on education issues since he was governor of Texas. A spokeswoman says Ms. Spellings intends to remain in education. . . . .
How about something entrepreneurial that fits your credentials, Secretary Spellings. I'm thinking, umm. Got it:

Maggie's Fireworks and Bait Shop
Crawford Texas
We say, go fish!

Send us your own suggestions. We will pass them on.

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