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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Publishers to Bush on Memoir: "Take Your Time"

Pretty soon we won't have George Bush to kick us around anymore, and the great national nightmare will only be a unforgettable post-traumatic stress disorder.

Bush says that he would like to write about his days in office, but publishers don't seem particularly eager, as reported by HuffPo.

NEW YORK — In less than three months, President-elect Barack Obama will take office and the Bush administration will belong to history. With the president reportedly interested in writing about his White House years, publishers have a suggestion:

Take your time.

"If I were advising President Bush, given how the public feels about him right now, I think patience would probably be something that I would encourage," says Paul Bogaards, executive director of publicity for Alfred A. Knopf, which in 2004 released Bill Clinton's million-selling "My Life."

Meanwhile, there is this that you may read as a bedtime story. Goodnight, Bush.

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