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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

National Petition Against Joel Klein

The most ridiculous thing I have read since the election was from an Republican op-ed in the Dallas Morning News that made this lunatic analogy: Margaret Spellings is to education as Al Gore is to the climate crisis.

I say go for it--rebuild your Party on that bit of wisdom.

The next most ridiculous thing I read since last Tuesday is that NYC's School Dictator is in the running to add his own privatization twist to the Spellings fiasco at ED.

Let the world know you think it is ridiculous, too. From Duane Campbell at Choosing Democracy:
Petition: Oppose Joel Klein
The Petition to oppose the appointment of Joel Klein

We, the undersigned, devoted thousands of hours of volunteer time to the election of Barack Obama as President. As Professional educators we were encouraged by the promise to have an open and respectful dialogue within the educational community about NCLB, its limits, and its failures.

Now, a trial balloon has been advanced in the media for Joel Klein, Chancellor of NYC schools to serve as U.S. Secretary of Education in an Obama Administration. ( It is quite possible that Klein himself promoted the trial balloon.) Trial balloons are trials. They are floated to see how people will react.

This petition is a reaction.

The administration of Joel Klein as Chancellor of Schools in New York City is representative of a particular rigid approach to school change promoted by NCLB which we oppose. Rather than take the advice of educators, Chancellor Klein repeatedly championed and implemented policies that support corporate interests as opposed to children. The NY City Department of Education under Joel Klein has been run like a ruthless dictatorship – with no input from parents or educators. Teachers have not been respected, consulted, nor listened to. And little thought has been devoted to how the policies he has imposed on our schools have been destructive to the children and their futures.

Teachers, educators, and future teachers, read the entire petition and sign it at:


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    Is there a parent petition also?