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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Minnesota Declares 1 in 5 State Charter Schools Unfit to Remain Open

And yet they remain open.

Good investigative reporting by KAAL in St. Paul:

Meanwhile down in Kansas City--From Fox 4:
KANSAS CITY, MO. -- The former president of a Kansas City, Missouri, charter school's board of directors was sentenced in federal court for embezzling from the school and for his role in mortgage and investment fraud schemes, prosecutors announced on Friday.

James Elliot Coleman, 60, of Raytown was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison without parole. In addition, he was ordered to pay $468, 805 in restitution. Coleman is a certified public accountant who had formerly served as the president of the Westport Allen Village School board.

Coleman pleaded guilty in 2006 for his role in a $778,336 mortgage fraud scheme and a $40,000 investment fraud scheme perpetrated against an older widow and her daughter. . . .

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