Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Alliance for College Ready Public Schools to Expand in LAUSD

Check out today's LAUSD board agenda, which includes (from what I can tell) the potential authorization of eight charter schools run by the Alliance for College Ready Public Schools, a Broad/Walton/NSVF-backed group (Broad gave at least $6.5M). The Alliance is one of the lesser-known charter schools backing the Parent Revolution. Be sure to check out the list of donors, particularly the "individual" donors, which includes:
Dan Katzir - managing director of the Broad Foundation
Ted Mitchell - NSVF CEO (with a $500,000 salary) and president of the California State Board of Education
Caprice Young - former LAUSD board member, worked for California Charter School Association, now works for KC Distance Learning (owned by Mike Milkens' Knowledge Universe). She was also listed as a DfER board member until I alerted Mr. Joe Williams of her position in the for-profit realm. Her name no longer appears on their website.
Kenneth Starr - the ex investigator and homophobic defender of Proposition 8


  1. That list was a Rogue's Gallery if there
    ever was one.

  2. Caprice Young was the head of the California Charter Schools Association during a period when charter schools were really building up steam, so she should get more credit than you give her -- for evildoing and harming public education.