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Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Bit of Advice...

Some unsolicited advice for Imagine: try not to piss off your authorizer when you're already on probation for previous violations and hoping to open a new school in a city.

From the Journal Gazette:

Imagine over student limit; BSU dismayed

FORT WAYNE – Ball State University is not pleased that Imagine MASTer Academy has admitted more students than allowed in its charter.

The charter school on Wells Street admitted 815 students this year, although its charter recommends admitting 775, Principal Jim Huth told the school board Wednesday.

Huth said that exceeding the allowed figure was due to “poor communication” between himself and the registrar. A Ball State representative said the move created “negative connotations” in Muncie and warned that Imagine MASTer Academy could face repercussions. Ball State, the authorizing agency behind the school, approved its charter.

To address the issue, the board voted unanimously to amend its charter to allow it to have more students. The change will be effective this year only.

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