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Friday, September 17, 2010

Wall Street Financiers Can't Buy Love for "Education Reform:" Hedge Funders and DFER Crushed

Not only did the voters hand the Gates, Broad, and Walton, i. e., Obama, education plan a crushing defeat in DC on Tuesday, but in New York the casino capitalists were hammered even more convincingly.  None of the hedge fund supported candidates running on the Charterite ticket could move the voting needle past 30 percent. As the NYTimes notes:
They were the candidates of riches, flush with hundreds of thousands of dollars from Wall Street investors who believed in the promise of charter schools.

But when the election results came in on Tuesday, all three State Senate candidates supporting education reform — Basil Smikle, Lynn Nunes and Mark H. Pollard — lost by huge margins, with none cracking 30 percent of the total vote in primary contests against union-backed rivals.. . .

From Crain's Insider:

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