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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wall Street Banksters Giving Big to Elect Mark Pollard and Other Corporate Charter Advocates

With the caps off contributions, the charterites and the ed industry are going all in to corner the three-quarters of a trillion dollars that Americans spend each year on education.  Notice that Pollard can no longer remember any names from his Park Avenue meetings.  From the NYTimes:
Mark H. Pollard was a little-known candidate for New York State Senate in Brooklyn facing the herculean feat of ousting a 26-year incumbent. But then he got an unexpected telephone call saying that a group of wealthy investors who supported charter schools wanted to meet with him.

So in June, Mr. Pollard, a Democrat, found himself in Manhattan, sipping wine on a Park Avenue patio with people whose names he can no longer recall. Then “the checks started rolling in,” he said, and by July he had received more than $100,000.

“They made my campaign viable,” said Mr. Pollard, a lawyer who supports the charter school movement. The windfall has made him a legitimate contender, allowing him to hire a veteran campaign manager and print thousands of pamphlets. . . .

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  1. Interesting article in the Times. I used elements of it as well, and found the Dem support disturbing, since they are now falling for pure lies and ignoring research. Repetition. That's how the economic policies convinced so many Democrats in the 90's.

    I also found an interesting NOW story when Bush quietly paid advocates with taxpayer money to spread their BS. The clip is from Feb. or March of 2004.