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Friday, April 01, 2011

Koch-Heads in the Media Stop the Presses as the Koch 300 Stage Protest

When thousands show up in Lansing to protest the anti-democratic Governor Rick Snyder's Koch agenda or when other thousands show up on Columbus to protest the shenanigans of the ex-Fox star, Governor Kasich, the national media coverage is weak to non-existent.  Same for Tallahassee or Nashville or Raleigh or Boise.

And yet, yesterday the Koch Brothers flew in or bused in 300 ignorant dupes to scream on Capitol Hill in favor of the John Birch Society social agenda and the anti-American casino capitalist economic agenda, and every network and every newspaper pushed the story to the top of their line-ups or their front pages.  The sad handful of crackpots that could be recruited for yesterday's event simply offer an excuse for the Koch-heads in the House led by Boehner to march out and make threats based the wishes of their patrons and the other Board members of the Billionaire Boys' Club.

Sadly, the same excuse is provided the New York Times to put the Kochs' story on page 1 above the fold in the Web edition.  A clip:
A reporter from National Public Radio, which would lose its government money under a bill passed by the House, tried to interview a protester as a man in blue earmuffs shouted repeatedly behind her: “Cut NPR! Cut NPR!” Sprinkled among the roughly 300 attendees and their American flags and homemade posters demonizing Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, were a few Code Pink protesters protesting military intervention in Libya, and a young man handing out fliers for Tea Party Activist Boot Camp.

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