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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Steiner's NY Waiver Machine in High Gear for Bloomberg's Latest Toadie

Standards and accountability remain laws of the land when it comes to being tough with hungry kids living in motels with their families, but when it comes to the Oligarchs' choices to run the urban penal farms for children called schools, all that is needed is another waiver to make them highly-qualified, like the one issued earlier this year for Bloomberg's drinking buddy, Ms. Black.

From the NYTimes:

It is full steam ahead for the certification of Dennis M. Walcott to be the next schools chancellor of New York City.
New York State education officials announced on Tuesday that an advisory panel would meet on Wednesday to weigh whether Mr. Walcott’s background, training and experience would make him an “exceptionally qualified” candidate who should be granted a waiver to become chancellor, even though he lacks the superintendent’s certificate legally required for the post.
The nine-member panel will meet in Albany and is likely to issue a quick decision. That will serve to guide David M. Steiner, the state education commissioner, who is widely expected to approve the waiver. . . .

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