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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Corporate Insider, Bob George, Named Steering Committee National Director for SOS

Below is the first paragraph from a post I put up in 2006, which lists Catapult Learning as one of the fat leeches sucking dollars from ED during the heyday of NCLB.  
The coming of the neocons to ED has meant that subjects other than reading, math, and behavior control have been shoved aside by a plalanx of testing pushed by the ed industry, the testing/textbook industry, and the politicos at the Business Roundtable. Let's not forget, too, the know-nothing politicians who use the testing hysteria as an opportunity to appear tough by punishing schools and children, while turning their backs to the criminals and con men who are carrying off the federal treasury. And, of course, there are the high-placed functionaries such as Spellings, who uses her appointed position as chief steward for American public education to bully, threaten, and squeeze funds from public schools to stuff the pockets of the corporate socialists at Kaplan, Catapult, Princeton Review, etc.
In January 2013, longtime Vice President at Catapult, Inc. was named National Director of the Steering Committee for Save Our Schools.  Note from the minutes below that Bob will be personally selecting "representatives" for the states.  
            SC [Steering Committee] Offices filled – Congratulations!!!Bob George – National Director
Lee Barrios – Assistant Director
Becky Smith – Secretary
David Greene - Treasurer
Face to Face SC – Bob doing interviews for representatives at face to face meetings; Lee willing to go as IC rep.  Send note to Bob if have a concern.  The face to face SC meeting will be Feb 24 & 25 – Baltimore or Atlanta – looking at costs; stipend (300 or 400?) not definitive yet

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