"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Attitude Toward Teaching

Put a check mark (✓) if you agree with the statement.
Put a cross (X) if you disagree with the statement.

Form A

1. To strive to teach well is to pattern after Christ, who was the Master Teacher.  There can be no higher calling.
3. Teachers are the nation's leaders.
5. Teaching develops the mind.
8. Dealing with youth tends to keep a teacher young, alert, and active.
12. Teaching requires more intelligence than most professions.
15. Teachers are the molders of society.
16. Teachers  do very well considering the small amount of co-operation they get from school boards.
19. Teachers are for the most part just average college students.
21. Teachers should not be taken too seriously.
22. Students would learn more if the teacher followed the textbook more closely.
23. Teachers depend too much on textbooks.
24. Teaching is too often used by women merely as a stepping stone to marriage.
26. Most teachers have exalted ideas of their own importance.
29. Teaching is an occupation requiring only mediocre ability.
30. Teachers are exceedingly egotistical. 
35. Teaching develops a cynical attitude toward life.
41. Most teachers are so careless in their dress that they look like bums.
43. Teaching is a lazy man's job.
45. Teachers are parasites.

Form B

1. Teaching is one of the best means of serving humanity.
3. The teaching profession performs more actual good for mankind than any other.
5. Teaching is one of the greatest stimulants to mental activity.
37. Teaching stifles ambition.
21. Teachers are too prone to give their own ideas and not enough facts.
16. Teaching is fairly well paid  for the training required.
20. Too many teachers like to teach but can't.
18. Women make the best teachers.
44. Failures in other lines of business usually become teachers.
43. The intellectual level of modern teachers is very low.
32. Most teachers are unfit for such a responsible position.
17. Good pupils make the good teachers.
38. Modern methods of teaching requires nursemaids, not teachers.
13. Teaching is the oldest and most honored profession.
42. The moral standard of the teaching profession is very low.
45. The teaching profession as a whole is untruthful and unreliable.

Miller, F. D.  The validation of a generalized attitude scaling technique.  Construction of an attitude scale toward teaching.  Purdue University Studies in Higher Education. XXVI, 1934, 35, No. 4, 98-110.

Notice: Attitude scales are recommended for research purposes and for group testing.  We believe that the available information and supporting research does not warrant the application of many of these scales as measures of individual attitude for the purpose of diagnosis or personnel selection or for any other individual assessment process. 

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