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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Steersman, or Ars 0 1

(Audio Link, 2:45)

Ars 0 1
by Doug Storm

In fact it's possible to interpret
information carried by a message
as essentially the negation of
its entropy and the negation log
of its probability; more probable
less illuminating.
                             Governing by
recent amps out of context I embraced
ordering whole fields while straining after
complexities; constrained inventiveness,
steering others toward incidental
accidents: definition's qualities
positively derivative.

are given: you are sent for by command
proclamation; though imperative in
mood demand fact for effective control.
Study the message, before all persons
irrelevant, after all compliant
to the call, above all an order is
an order.
                If control then command, if
command then control, if relating then--

There is the issue of emanation
from ten to one, setting aside the time
being for obeisance, relayed upstream
in kind, of degradation in transit:
there is in this subjunctive disorder
meaningful increase.

                                   But with collation,
storage, and selection generally
improper, we can muscle our way
through with effect;
                                 to smell as sweet inform
the bloating corpse it is sweet to smell;
to be adequately controlled to be
is effectively to live properly
by the sweet smell of corpses.

represent a shift in the actualized
world; as if replaced by the world as it
happens to be seen actually local
and temporary; normality in
issuance of stays against: an eye,
a storm, a calm, a kangaroo.
                                            Read as:
command proper receipt correct response
control bond referent accord attent;
limit sufficient to if/then stable.

External messages not taken neat
but cubed transform the metastasizing
apparatus: intention maps, performance trumps,
though both require regulus.

Message: a sequence of events in time
which though contingent strive against yielding
to nature's disorder; unintended
                     Act:  shrive parts purposive to
imps of prior pulse.

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