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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Haslam and Insurance Execs Hold 150,000 Poor Tennesseans Hostage

At stake for the greedy bastards who made and control Bill Haslam?  A billion dollars in Medicaid that these corporate socialists want to turn into private insurance premiums, rather than offering the poorest Tennesseeans healthcare under the state TennCare program.  From the News-Sentinel:
NASHVILLE — Gov. Bill Haslam told the General Assembly today that he is rejecting an expansion of Medicaid for now because the federal government has not agreed to some aspects of a “Tennessee plan” that involves using federal money to buy private insurance.
“A pure expansion of medicaid, expanding a broken system, doesn’t work,” said Haslam, contending he wants to use federal money to buy private insurance akin to the approach being tried in Arkansas. That would mean more people with health insurance without expanding the number on TennCare, the state’s system for Medicaid, he said.
But the federal Department of Health and Human Services has insisted on conditions for implementing the proposal that are unacceptable, Haslam said, and for now he will not recommend expansion in Tennessee. . . .
The rest here.

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