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Monday, March 04, 2013

Bruce Baker on the Final Piece of KIPP's 4 Million Dollar Study

Not to worry.  Gates, alone, has given tens of millions to the KIPP home office and many of its chains. Hundreds of millions of tax-sheltered dollars have been given by hedge funds, CEOs, corporate foundations, etc.  Gates has a history with Mathematica, having paid almost a half-million dollars for some research in 2009 on another of his projects.  If there is any doubt that Gates expects to get his money's worth, have a look at the description of this grant's purpose:

Mathematica Policy Research

July 2009
to provide rich data that improves instruction at The Equity Project (TEP) such as rigorous evaluation findings that document TEP's impact on students and evidence that can inform educators and policymakers who wish to replicate the TEP model
United States
Princeton, New Jersey

Here is Bruce Baker's take on the final piece of the study.

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