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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Failing KIPP School Set to Take Over Southside Middle School

The Achievement School District (ASD) has a new hit list of Memphis schools, all of them poor and black.  Below is the list copied from the ASD website, which is run by semi-literate businessmen who don't know to turn the spell check off before the turn a Word doc into a pdf:
You will note that South Side Middle School is to be taken over by KIPP Memphis Collegiate Schools.  I did a check on the TN website to see how South Side Middle scores compare to KIPP.  The only KIPP middle school in Memphis with three years of data is KIPP Memphis Collegiate Middle School, whose value-added scores are below, followed by South Side Middle School's VAM scores:

Now you don't have to be Bill Sanders to see which of these two schools has better growth scores (green indicates above the target and red below the target).

In comparing the school level evaluation composites from the state website (click to enlarge), we get another picture of how South Side Middle, now set for takeover, is doing better than the KIPP outfit that is poised to turn it into another franchise (level 5 is best, level 1 is worst).

Now you must tell me whose interests are being served here by this scheme to turn a public school with a committed faculty and parents into another corporate welfare reform school with its penal system of total compliance schooling.

We will meet with South Side Middle parents and teachers at 5:30 today at Glenview Community Center at 1141 S. Barksdale in Memphis.  Be there. 

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