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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lies and Deception by Jesse Register

 Update from East Nashville United:
In light of the recent news that MNPS administrators had already cut a back room deal to convert Inglewood Elementary School to a charter school operated by KIPP-Nashville, we have been reviewing what we've been told along the way by MNPS leaders, like Alan Coverstone, Office of Innovation. On September 13, 2014, in Inglewood, Mr. Coverstone was gracious enough to travel to East Nashville to address parents who assembled after learning for the 1st time on September, 9, 2014 that Dr. Jesse Register intended to turn all East Nashville schools into "all choice" schools, aka the "third way."

Here is what Mr. Coverstone said near the outset of the meeting:

"I can say for a fact Dr. Register doesn't believe and I sure as *heck* don't believe that anybody at Bransford Avenue can draw up a plan, give it to you, so it's gonna create this kind of school. So, we're not gonna do that. That's not what we've done."

This is a contradiction of what the story linked above reveals, and that is on August 26, 2014, the deal to convert Inglewood Elementary to KIPP-Nashville wascemented. As the stories below further illustrate, converting Inglewood Elementary to KIPP-Nashville was the deal long before anyone knew there was going to be a deal.

We sent a public records request to MNPS back on September 22, 2014. A copy of the requests we made can be found here: http://eastnashvilleunited.org/?page_id=110. As of this moment, MNPS has not turned over any documents. There was a story out yesterday explaining the delay, as submitted by MNPS http://bit.ly/1pVxuKA. Here is what the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government has to say about the speed the government should have in returning public records to the public http://tcog.info/law-says-promptly-comes-public-records-requests/ 

For background information, please see links to stories below:

East Nashville United Blasts Register's Inglewood Deception

KIPP Charter school decision expected by December

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