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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Huffman Maintains Tight Secrecy on Testing Contract Worth at Least $60 Million

Who is bidding for the new Common Core tests that Huffman's losers plan to use to replace Tennessee's current state test?  Who knows?  It's a secret.  

Or, who is on the committee to make the selection from the unknown bidders?  Who knows? That's a secret, too.

It's all a big secret.  Inquiring citizens want to know.  From Chalkbeat:
 The state would not disclose the membership of the committee that will choose the state’s next test, and its Department of General Services denied an open records request from Chalkbeat for the list of vendors who applied to write the test. But two big test-makers, Pearson and CTB-McGraw Hill, say they submitted bids, and a number of other companies could be angling for the project.

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