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Friday, October 10, 2014

NPE Panel to Include TURN Agenda Advocate, Greg Anrig

Before Greg Anrig started to work for the Century Foundation, he was a writer for Money Magazine.  Somewhere along the line, he became an expert in education policy, at least the kind that requires "intense collaboration among administrators and teachers" (Anrig, 2013)--the same kind embraced by the Gates and Broad Foundations.  

Anrig wrote a book in 2013 that promotes the reform successes where corporate unionism has been strong: Beyond the Education Wars: Evidence That Collaboration Builds Effective Schools.  Cincinnati and Springfield figure prominently, where the AFT local affiliates, not coincidentally, are key members of TURN.

Anrig, who has disparaged the Chicago teachers' strike, also had a big spread in the AFT's American Educator last winter, where he drove home the point that "there is growing recognition that labor-management collaboration is an essential condition for improving student achievement." As measured, of course, by test scores.  In that article, Anrig also praised the collaboration of AFT and Gates Foundation to showcase events where TURN members can report out their work to establish corporate unionism.

It was with some interest, then, that I found the following on the revised agenda for NPE's talkathon tomorrow from Brooklyn.
Authentic Reform Success Stories: The fourth panel will be led by Network for Public Education executive director Robin Hiller and will include New York teacher and activist Brian Jones, and author of Beyond the Education Wars: Evidence That Collaboration Builds Effective Schools, Greg Anrig.
So if Weingarten can't make it tomorrow to the meeting, at least she will be well represented.

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