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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Broad-Trained Liar and Non-Educators Running ASD in Tennessee

With Chris Barbic out of action, the ASD is being run by serial liar, Elliot Smalley.  Smalley is trained by the Broad Foundation to do whatever is necessary to advance the corporate welfare agenda of replacing public schools with segregated corporate reform charter chain gangs.  Smalley was a recipient of a 2013 Bunkum Award from NEPC for his unique mishandling of data to portray a reality of ASD success in Memphis where none existed: 

The 'It’s Just Not Fair to Expect PowerPoints to Be Based on Evidence' Award

The “It’s Just Not Fair to Expect PowerPoints to Be Based on Evidence” Award goes to Elliot Smalley of Tennessee’s Achievement School District and Patrick Dobard of the Louisiana Recovery School District.

For years, Jeb Bush’s “Florida Miracle” has been unmatched as the most bountiful wellspring of misleading education reform information. But Florida and Jeb have now been overtaken by the Louisiana Recovery School District, which serves the nation as the premier incubator of spurious claims about education reform and, in particular, the performance of “recovery school districts,” take-overs, portfolio districts, and charter schools.

Superintendent Patrick Dobard has taken his suitcase of PowerPoints on the road, touting the Recovery School District’s performance.  Nothing has stood in his way. Not the dramatic post-Katrina change in student composition. Not the manipulation of student achievement standards in ways that inflate performance outcomes. Not the unique influx of major funds from foundations, the federal government and billionaires. And not the unaccounted-for effects of a plethora of other relevant factors.

But Dobard is not alone.  Elliot Smalley, the chief of staff for the Achievement School District in Memphis, flexed his PowerPoints to show his school district’s “Level 5 Growth.” This certainly sounds impressive—substantially more impressive, for instance, than, say, Level 3 Growth. But this growth scale is unfortunately not explained in the PowerPoint itself. What we can say is that a particular school picked by Smalley to demonstrate the district’s positive reform effects may not have been a good choice, since the overall reading and math scores at that school went down. Picky researchers might also argue that more than seven schools should be studied for more than two years before shouting “Hosannah!”

As was the case with the Florida Miracle, the Bunkum Award here is not for the policy itself—serious researchers are very interested in understanding the reform processes and outcomes in these places. Rather, the Bunkum is found in the slick sales jobs being perpetrated with only a veneer of evidence and little substance backing the claims made.
Smalley's Broad Shot

In order to have some semblance of public input, CorpEd in Memphis has selected an Achievement Advisory Panel comprised of yes men and women to rubber stamp the corporate foundation school selections for hostile takeover each year.  There is not one educator in the bunch.

Smalley and his team of advisors from Broad and Gates will need all the lies they can conjure in the coming days to beat back the determined and reasoned resistance to the hostile corporate takeover of Memphis schools.  The key will be to continue to remind local, state, and federal politicians and the media that this corporate welfare plan will not go forward. 

Parents and teachers and students must continue to say SKIP THE KIPP and NO to YES PREP and to put a big RED LIGHT IN FRONT OF THE GREEN DOT.
Elliot Smalley's Virile Pose

Let Mr. Smalley know his outfit, the ASD, is not good enough, smart enough, and nobody likes it!!


  1. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Elliot Smalley and Ash Solar are leaving the ASD (and Tennessee) after this year.

  2. Anonymous10:29 AM

    We really wish he had stayed in Tennessee with all the mess he has brought to SC.