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Saturday, November 01, 2014

State Board Rejects Robertson County Charter Again

Even though this was the final appeal for an unneeded and unwanted charter in Springfield, neo-segregationists like Huffman and Wendy Tucker at the State level promise to keep the dream alive for a poor school in Robertson County. From the Tennessean:
The State Board of Education on Friday denied the appeal of Exalt Academy of Springfield’s application to open a charter school in Springfield, but not without noting the need for such a school in Robertson County.

Before approving the denial, State Board of Education member Wendy Tucker said from reviewing Exalt Academy’s application, she saw a “clear need” expressed by the Springfield community for another “high-quality choice.”

“I hope that this group, or some other group is encouraged to try to work with that county and come up with some options there,” Tucker said. “I looked at the achievement data and the kids there could use it.”

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