"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Friday, November 07, 2014

Hey AFT and NEA! Stop Trying to Buy Useless Politicians

If the public numbers are right, the AFT and NEA spent $75 million on the election this year that got them nothing.

There was the Corbett takedown in Pennsylvania, but the loss by Corbett was a foregone conclusion years ago.  And Torlakson won in California, but that's not a whole lot of return on a $75 million investment.

Both unions are like flailing, dying monsters, choking on their own corruption and ineptitude.  Neither has relevance to advancing the teaching profession, for protecting teachers and children from corporate predators, or for using their hundreds of millions of dollars to advance any social justice agenda or democratic cause.

Both unions have been infiltrated by corporate toadies who drive policy to fit the needs of the oligarchs, rather than the needs of children, parents, and teachers.  Membership is cratering, as both Lili and Rhonda continue smile on for the cameras.

AFT and NEA political outreach is dumb and outdated--and getting dumber and more outdated.  They continue to try to buy governors, U. S. Senators, and Presidents who are collecting much more cash from Wall Street and the privatizers than any unions can muster.  Good money thrown down a hole.

If either NEA or AFT had an agenda that was different from the bastards they pretend to oppose, they could be very effective in seeding grassroots efforts to smash the testing machine, the segregation engine, and the corporate charter bandwagon.  School board races that could use a hundred thousand here or fifty there could be very productive.  Legal defense funds could be set up where folks are willing to put their bodies on the line against segregation, testing, and corporate control.  A lot of local organizing efforts to break the machine could be done with 10 or 20 million.

But first, it takes a change of heart, a change of misleadership.  It takes teachers taking their unions back, or blowing them to hell.

Meanwhile, Rhonda hugs Charlie, and Charlie hugs Rhonda.  Two losers, together, in Loserville.

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