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Friday, August 07, 2015

Randi's Endorsement Exposed Hillary's Weakness

Rhonda (Randi) Weingarten's arm-twisting of AFT to get an early endorsement of Clinton 2.0 was seen by Hillary supporters as an early push that would lead to the nation's educators jumping up for a ride on the neolib bandwagon.  Now with the angry response from AFT's rank and file and others who still support humane public education and the commons, it is clear that the strategy backfired. 

As a result of the brazen act to anoint Hillary, Weingarten has been left ostracized from her own organization that she has long used for corporate benefit, and the threadbare nature of Hillary's support is clear for everyone to see.  Now the DNC insiders like Barney Frank are calling for an abbreviated primary season and an early coronation of the Clintons as the Dem choice. 

Such hand-wringing insistence by Washingtonians only makes Clinton weaker in the eyes of the voters, and it gives her Dem opponents plenty of ammunition to fire at Hill and Bill, who are as much the puppets of Wall Street as they were 20 years ago.  The only difference today is that two decades of history allow us a better vantage point to view the Clintonian capitulation to the forces of greed and corruption that now represent the new Gilded Age.

The world cannot wait for another 8 years of pretend democracy in America.  If we have a chance to do anything about the impending environmental cataclysm, it is now.  Candidates from either the left or right aisles of the same corporate jet will not do.  No Bush, no Clinton.

My friends argue that my refusal to support Hillary leads, in the end, to an election of another Bush, who will appoint two or maybe three Supreme Court justices that will roll back social progress another 75 years. 

My response is simple:  Social agendas are meaningless in a world without food or water or air or biodiversity.  If either Bush or Clinton is elected, we are totally done, as in cooked, unless a revolution ensues to replace the oligarchs and their stooges with a new democracy.  We are out of choices and out of time.  No more fucking around.

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  1. Way to go! You mentioned the R word. That is what it will take to make change.