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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lamar Alexander Assures Diane Supporters about DeVos

When Diane Ravitch wanted her flock to be herded into supporting the federal charter school expansion legislation known as ESSA, she called upon Lamar Alexander's office to offer a nine-part spin session (see below) designed to mislead, obfuscate, and soothe any remaining skeptics. After all, Diane's support prior to ESSA passage was seminal in neutralizing early resistance to the new blueprint for Ed Reform 2.0.  The least that Alexander could do, as the Bill's co-sponsor, was to offer up his propaganda chief to help baffle any remaining ESSA doubters with tons of regulatory bullshit.

Though Diane's most recent ESSA campaign of political treachery essentially signaled the end of the Fall and Rise of the Reign of Ravitch, she continues to try to distinguish her own policy agenda from the neoliberal ed policies that her actions consistently support, even as she disavows them.  The most recent example can be found in her incessant lambasting of Billionaire Betsy as the educational anti-christ, when, in fact, Betsy DeVos serves as the perfect foil for Ravitch's long-time allowances for corporate welfare non-profit charter schools in her education ecosystem. 

The biggest differences between Betsy and Diane is that Betsy likes any kind of privatization and is proud of it, while Diane has a selective criteria for draining public education funds with segregated charters, and she doesn't like to talk it--at all.  Ravitch would rather pretend, in fact, that she is leading the opposition, even if it directly down the rabbit hole.

Maybe, just maybe, Alexander's office can put to rest any skepticism that remains about Billionaire Betsy.  The temporary delay in her confirmation has not at all altered Alexander's enthusiasm for her eventual rise to power.  His office enthuses:
“Betsy DeVos is an outstanding nominee who has complied with all of the committee’s requirements and no one doubts that she will be confirmed as Education Secretary,” an aide to Alexander said. “This hearing delay is simply to accommodate the Senate schedule.”
Let's see now--how does that old saying go: a friend of my friend is my, what is it, now?

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  1. I have been telling people for a VERY long time that Diane's "I have seen the light" Rein of Error should be called Rein of Terror. I was viciously attacked but I stood my ground because I know ever dog eventually has its day. I really thought when she put out that 9 part propaganda piece for her old boss people would catch on. Some did. Then she posed with Hillary at a fund raiser before the 2016 election. Again, some more moved away from Diane. Then just the other day her blog glorified progressive hack Steve Singer while he asked people to enter a fake Donald Trump twitter account and send out fake Trump tweets. Well little by little people are catching on to her. She saw the "I saw the light" gravy train and jumped on with both feet. Never let a good crisis go to waste eh Diane?? Well I chose to stick with people that I know have been on the right side of the issue for decades. Charlotte Iserbyt, Dr. Peg Luksik, Anita Hoge and many others. NOW we MUST get on the phone and call every member of the HELP Committee and make sure they hear us loud an clear. EVERY person that votes for Betsy DeVos will be put on a hit list and it will be my goal to make sure none of them get elected again. Democrats will more than likely not vote for her. So we have to get at least 6 Rs on our side. You can forget Lamar Alexander. But we have to move a few Rs to the NO column.