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Monday, May 08, 2006

As Florida Vouchers Sink Beneath the Surface

And as the Jeb slowly fades in the West:

. . . . Lawmakers began the session with plans to reverse a Supreme Court decision that threw out the nation's first statewide voucher plan. The Opportunity Scholarship program allowed students in a failing public school to take state money and attend a private school.

"Opportunity Scholarships are dead in 30 days from now, or less," said Sen. Dan Webster, R-Winter Garden, who led the effort to save them. "If they didn't like it, probably they never should have created it in the first place."

The court invalidated Opportunity Scholarships as of the end of the school year. Without action by the Legislature, that program quietly will sunset . . . .

And from the Palm Beach Post:

. . . .After roaring into his governorship with $1 billion in tax cuts and a radically ambitious education plan that included the nation's first statewide voucher program, Bush left his final session more like a lamb, unable to get more than a fraction of the record $1.5 billion in new tax cuts he'd wanted or to save that signature voucher plan. . . .

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