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Monday, May 01, 2006

Stinging Twin Defeats for Jeb on Class Size and Vouchers

On Friday, the Florida Senate rejected efforts by Bush to weaken caps on class size:
Tallahassee · The state Senate handed a stinging defeat to Gov. Jeb Bush late Friday, rejecting his push to weaken Florida's strict caps on class sizes. A coalition of Democrats and Republicans joined forces to kill a proposal that would have asked voters this fall to revise the constitutional class limits they mandated in 2002.
This afternoon, the chubby brother was handed another stinging defeat on his efforts to revive school vouchers, ruled unconstitutional by the Florida Supreme Court in January:

The amendment was intended to get around a Florida Supreme Court decision that in January declared it was a violation of the Florida Constitution to send children from failing public schools to private schools at state expense.

The Opportunity Scholarship Program was the nation's first statewide voucher plan when it was enacted in 1999. It was a key element of Bush's "APlus" program that grades, rewards and punishes schools based heavily on scores from the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, or FCAT.

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  1. Serves him right for trying to push an agenda over the will of the people. I hope the politicians in Texas learn the same lesson soon.