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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Brits Talk of Testing Boycott

It would be so simple to bring the whole mindless enterprise to its knees. 68% of Americans agree that a single test cannot give a "fair picture of whether or not a school needs improvement." Get only half of them to keep their children home next year on test day, and that would be the end of NCLB. That, of course, is just what the Brits are contemplating now. From the Independent:
. . . .The NAHT is talking of building a campaign with other teachers' organisations and parents which will be aimed at next year's tests. Mick Brookes, its general secretary, is talking of trying to persuade parents to keep their children home on national curriculum test days - so the results are declared void. He is also talking of the possibility of headteachers being balloted on refusing to supply test information to the Government which would make it impossible to compile league tables. If this happens, it would provoke a major confrontation. It has to be said, though, that the National Union of Teachers held a ballot on boycotting national curriculum tests two years ago and failed to get a sufficient majority to take action. . . .

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