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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Randi Weingarten, Darling of the School Privatization Movement

When Randi Weingarten got behind the Bloomberg-Klein teacher bonus pay plan based on test scores, and when she put out the welcome mat in NYC for Green Dot Public Schools, Inc. (GDPS,Inc.--how perfect!), she vaulted herself to # 1 on the Hoover Institute's union leader rating system, gained glowing reviews for her work from Rod Paige, and even earned the praise of the nation's leading charterizing propagandist and union critic, Andy Rotherham.

Will this make her a shoe-in to lead the AFT toward further corporization of schools? Is there anyone else running?

See the rest of the NYTimes story:
Randi Weingarten has spent more than a decade cultivating a reputation as the archetypal union leader: a combative dealmaker and consummate political street fighter for city teachers. Yet at a recent education conference in Nashville, there was a fellow from the conservative Hoover Institute, Eric A. Hanushek, gushing with praise for Ms. Weingarten, and promising to do all he could to support her bid to become the president of the American Federation of Teachers, the national union. . . .

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