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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jeb Offers Arne Advice on Corporate Vouchers

With $5 billion in discretionary cash at his disposal, it looks like Arne is lining up his options. From the Tribune's Swamp (ht to Ken Libby):

. . . .Bush, who seriously considered a bid for Florida's opening Senate seat in 2010, has always been a policy-driven politician. And his interest in education runs deep -- as governor, he won an "A-Plus'' plan that steeered added state funding to schools that improved from year to year, as measured in standardized testing, and offered vouchers to students in failing public schools.

Bush was talking about tuition vouchers today in his meeting with Duncan, according to a well-placed source who also was calling on the new education secretary. See Bush's essay about school choice running in the Georgia press.

"It was a productive meeting,'' Bush reported tonight of his meeting today with Duncan. "I believe he has a reformer's heart.''

Some background here on corporate vouchers.

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