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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Will Teacher Pay Follow Corporate Model?

If corporate America is going to run schools like the Business Roundtable oligarchs want, it seems only right to offer teachers the same kind of bonuses that the big dogs get, right? From today's NYTimes:

WASHINGTON — The American International Group, which has received more than $170 billion in taxpayer bailout money from the Treasury and Federal Reserve, plans to pay about $165 million in bonuses by Sunday to executives in the same business unit that brought the company to the brink of collapse last year.

Word of the bonuses last week stirred such deep consternation inside the Obama administration that Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner told the firm they were unacceptable and demanded they be renegotiated, a senior administration official said. But the bonuses will go forward because lawyers said the firm was contractually obligated to pay them.

The payments to A.I.G.’s financial products unit are in addition to $121 million in previously scheduled bonuses for the company’s senior executives and 6,400 employees across the sprawling corporation. Mr. Geithner last week pressured A.I.G. to cut the $9.6 million going to the top 50 executives in half and tie the rest to performance. . . .

Teachers who take this opportunity to send your go-to-hell letter to Weingarten, Packer, Duncan, and their puppetmaster, Bill Gates, please send along a copy of this Times article.


  1. I always appreciate your messages, and I am one of your biggest fans. Recently, I've been busy trying to expose some local charter school dirt. Check out my last few entries if you're interested.

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    There may be something akin to a
    National Coverup of
    Charter School excesses/Evils/Corruption/scandals
    going on.

    There is no reporting on it.

    We all know the Corporate media protects its own.

    Any true investigation will have to be by concerned citizens.

    Good luck in your digging, Perimeter Primate!