Monday, January 11, 2010

New York Times Confirms Loyalty to Bloomberg's Charter Propaganda Machine

Brent Staples has been stupid about education for a long time, and today's NYTimes Editorial on charter schools in NYC shows that he is only getting stupider by the day. A recent report on NYC charters showed 51% of students in NYC charters do better in math than the public schools, which means of, course, that in 49% of charters, they do worse or no better than the publics.

In reading, only 29% of NYC charters have higher reading scores than the public schools, which means that in 71% of the charters, reading scores are no better or lower than the public schools.

Now here is how Staples and Co. reports these findings in their corporate editorial today:
. . . .A new study from the center [CREDO] has turned up a brighter picture in New York City, where students at more than half of the charter schools are showing more academic improvement in math than their traditional-school counterparts. The reading numbers were not as strong, but still nearly 30 percent of charters outperformed traditional schools. . . . .

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  1. There was a similar editorial in the Sun LA Times re the charters here though it was presented as "news" and not on the op ed page. A concerted bicoastal campaign? All of it must make Duncan very happy, his pals in these once esteemed papers doing his bidding.