"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Thursday, January 14, 2010

KIPP Joins Charter School Corruption Nationwide with Six Figure Embezzlement Scheme

There are a number of reasons why KIPP has become that shining schoolhouse on the hill that Gates, Broad, the Waltons, and the Fishers hold up (no pun intended) as the prime example of how to properly reintroduce total compliance behaviors among poor black and brown children across America. KIPP, in fact, has once again made segregation cool and "separate but equal" politically correct. KIPP has removed any excuses from our open acceptance of poverty and apartheid, and KIPP has made the attainment of proper behavior within segregated total compliance organizations the "civil rights issue for this generation." KIPP has also made failure invisible by focusing on the test scores of the half of the KIPPster 5th graders who make it to 8th grade, thus removing from sight the 50 percent of their KIPPster 5th grade low flyers who are washed out or pushed out before they get to 8th grade. KIPP, in fact, has made a civic virtue out of throwing away half their students.

And through their ongoing consultation with Dr. Martin Seligman and his cadre of glassy-eyed zombie psychologists who teach corporate happiness through positive psychology mind control, KIPP founders Feinberg and Levin have hit upon a goldmine for themselves and a new generation of would-a-been Wall Street thieves , had Goldman Sachs not chosen this time in America to cash in on the economic catastrophe they created, thus leaving slim pickings for this generation of pupaic greed merchants. Many in this generation of "entrepreneurs" have turned social, i. e., they have focused on robbing and dismantling our public institutions whose loose democratic confederations don't stand a chance against the organized greed of the Oligarchy.

So it must be a busy day today at the New York advertising and PR firms that handle the KIPP account. But never fear--they have contained this current thievery investigation at KIPPs in San Antonio within the hush-hush boundaries of the "white crime" unit. Does that mean white criminals stealing from black and brown people? I thought so. From the Express-News:

Leaders of KIPP San Antonio, a branch of one of the most successful charter school programs in the country, are reeling after learning a former employee may have embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from the school district's accounts.

According to KIPP board member Michele Brown, a member of the district's financial operation's team who was working from home last Thursday stopped returning phone calls and e-mail after 12 p.m.

The next morning, one of KIPP's financial institutions contacted officials to alert them to suspicious activity on an account. The employee didn't show up to work Friday and has not been located since.

So far, officials have determined that a sum “in the low six figures” was missing. Brown declined to reveal the total amount because officials still are going through all their accounts. The employee was fired for not showing up to work.

The Police Department's white-collar crimes division is investigating, and police say the former employee, whom KIPP and SAPD declined to name, is a suspect.

“We're working with our financial institutions, law enforcement and our insurance company,” Brown said. “We do have insurance for fraud, and we anticipate that we will be able to file a claim.”

Police Officer Matthew Porter said the investigation will take a minimum of 90 days.

He said investigators are going through wire transfers and credit card charges. He said some of the activity may qualify as a federal offense.

Mark Larson, head of KIPP San Antonio, said the missing money will not affect students or day-to-day operations at the district's two schools: KIPP Aspire Academy and KIPP University Prep. The district has an annual operating budget of about $5 million.

“It was caught quickly, and we were able to limit the damage,” Larson said.

KIPP schools are public charter schools that receive state funding but are free from many of the requirements of traditional public schools. . .



  1. This is a great definition:

    ...the prime example of how to properly reintroduce total compliance behaviors among poor black and brown children across America...

    I am most intrigued by the ongoing KIPP lessons in how not to act "ghetto," especially the one in how to "walk briskly down the hall."

  2. I wonder if the CCSA's right-wing tool Jed Wallace will still insist charters aren't in need of regulation after this! Good thing to know these charter executives are "competing," this beats Steve Barr's heist by a long shot.

  3. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Lake Forest Elementary Charter school is another one to add on the list!!