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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Charter School Student Beating by Teacher Captured on Camera Phone

  • Reviewed by a Student on October 10, 2008
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  • this is the worst school to regester at because their is nothing but fights all day every and 24/7
Are you, like the President, a fan of the "No Excuses" charter schools for the children of the poor, the ones with no oversight except for what student camera phones can provide? Then you may enjoy Jamie's House Charter School, where a special education teacher was fired this week after a student-shot video showed up on the local news. Apparently this kind of fight club atmosphere was established a while back, as the student complaint above was registered online a year and half ago. But nothing has been done since there has never been a publicly-elected school board to report to and no oversight allowed. After all, that kind of needless bureaucracy would get in the way of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the CEOs who operate these chain gangs.

The first video below is from YouTube. Second video is from a local Fox affiliate in Houston. Obviously this part of the Houston Miracle Arne was not invited to see on his recent tour.

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