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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jay P Greene Joins Bush "Think" Tank

Conservative propagandist Jay P Greene will join Sandy Kress at the George W. Bush Institute. Kress is currently a lobbyist for TFA, NCTQ, Wireless Generation, Pearson, Texas Charter School Assocation, and more. Greene, of course, is one of the major proponents of privatization and anti-public school rhetoric, much of it funded through the Wal-Mart family (which provides ample funding to the University of Arkansas).

The Bush Institute, which is the think tank arm of former President George W. Bush's future library, named three new education fellows Tuesday.

Professors Jay P. Greene of the University of Arkansas,
Michael J. Podgursky of the University of Missouri, and Matthew G. Springer of Vanderbilt University, will join James W. Guthrie, Sandy Kress, and Beth Ann Bryan, who are also education fellows.

Bush officials say the new fellows signal the former president and first lady's ongoing interest in education policy. Bush made public school accountability a centerpiece of his terms as governor and president.

The focus of the policy institute's work has begun to take some shape. According to the statement, "The Institute will pursue education reforms by initially concentrating on two areas: (1) improving the leadership capacity of America's school principals and (2) strengthening middle schools to keep students on the path toward college/career readiness."

I suppose there's no room for alcoholic beverages or pretzels (deadly!) at Bush Institute gatherings - they're already drunk off the edu-idiot Kool-Aid.

[Kress is such a legend in Texas that he even has a burial spot reserved at the Texas State Cemetery.]

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