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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Lawless Christie

Had there ever been a horse big enough to support his groaning girth, Chris Christie would have been quite the old West figure.  He uses a spicy campfire kind of abusive humor to mask an all-consuming hostility toward others, and with a little twist of the unexpected in his practiced delivery, he is effective in making our long-held prejudices seem like brilliant insights into the nature of things.  He is dependably anti-intellectual and gross enough to never be suspected of having a feminine side (if you know what I mean).  And he is literally and figuratively gutsy enough to bulldoze his way through any government agency hiding behind the Law!  Indeed, he is the Koch Brothers dream candidate to use government to end government, so there is no wonder why the old whore, John Boehner, is recruiting him to roll run for the Presidency.  A round-up from Jersey:

Paul Tractenburg
NJ Spotlight
In at least three recent instances involving the state's public education system, Christie has threatened to act in a lawless manner.

By Sheila Oliver, NJ Assembly Speaker
Solving the problems facing our poorest children failing in urban schools is more complicated than citing and disparaging the name on the school door. Our poorest children and their families are each and every day facing social and economic problems that have a direct negative impact on the ability to learn. We will not solve the problems facing failing schools until we also confront the terrible consequences of poverty.

By Salvatore Pizzuro, a disability policy specialist and civil rights advocate
NJ Newsroom
Interestingly, charter schools are exempt from the traditional funding sequence in which the voters approve or reject school appropriations. Perhaps more interesting, one of the reasons why Cerf suggested that charter school funding not be subject to voter approval is that voters would reject such proposals because of the costs.

NJ Spotlight
Cerf has said they will all be part of the larger reorganization, a process that he broadly touched upon in testimony before the Senate Budget Committee on Monday. He spoke of a trip last week with senior staff to Louisiana to learn from that state’s education department, one that has helped totally revamp the schools in and around New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. A vast expansion of charter schools was among the initiatives.

North Jersey.com
Some educators are skeptical about the passage of a New Jersey tenure bill anytime soon; after all, there’s been little movement in recent months on other education bills on charters and tuition scholarships. Lawmakers have to pass a budget by the end of June, then typically take summer breaks and focus on November elections. All 120 seats are up for grabs.

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