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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Teachers Call Out Government-Corporate Collusion and Get Taken to Jail

Think it's too early for civil disobedience?  Even as they scrounge of copy paper and markers for their students, teachers know where the money is--the BANKSTERS have it.  From Susan O:
CA teachers have spent this week getting arrested. In Sacramento, UC Santa Cruz students and Oakland teachers led other teachers into a sit-down strike in the capitol rotunda until they got arrested. This embarrassed the CA Teachers Assoc president, David Sanchez, into getting himself arrested yesterday.

And yesterday Oakland teachers continued their (our) protests at Wells Fargo, where 7 got arrested for sitting in the lobby.

Be inspired! Go shut down one of the Not Too Big to Jail banks!

OEA Stages Sit-in at Wells Fargo, Oakland from Pamela Drake on Vimeo.

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