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Monday, January 02, 2012

Buy This Book on January 9

This new book, Corporations Are Not People, by Jeff Clements has a foreword by Bill Moyers and has been praised in the highest terms by some of our nation's best activists and organizers.  No one can read it and not understand the pressing need to put an end to corporate personhood.

By making this book a bestseller on Amazon, we will get it in front of many more people and into many small and independent bookstores.  We can also put the issue in the news and help build toward actions on the January 21st second anniversary of Citizens United.

Please buy the book as close to January 9th as possible and share this link with everyone you know: http://amzn.to/u3VDuKAs a bonus, we'll bump Fox News's Andrew Napolitano's screed out of the #1 spot in Civil Rights and Liberties books.  In the larger category of Current Events, the #1 book is about how to arm yourself and defend your property with automatic weapons during the coming anarchy; what do you say we bump that one down a notch too? 

In the still larger category of Politics, a book on Catherine the Great is ready to be dethroned, and the overall bestselling book on Amazon until we have something to say about it is a biography of a CEO. Let's change things.

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