"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Friday, January 13, 2012

Vulture Philanthropy and Vulture Capital Limb Sitting in Providence, RI

Achievement First is a chain of zero tolerance, soul-crushing corporate charter schools built from the mold of the total compliance, autocracy-breeding KIPP schools, wherein poor minority children are brainwashed into embracing the creepy autocratic exceptionalism preached by their TFA/KIPP captors.  With only a few years remaining of white majority rule in the U. S., these kinds of schools represent a crash program by white corporate America to seed their character values, or lack thereof, among other groups that will faithfully promulgate them once they are psychologically brutalized and behaviorally neutered from the earliest grades.

Make no mistake about it--behavioral and character traits are more important than academics, as KIPP's Mike Feinberg has admitted.  In this brave new world of character report cards rounded to the second decimal place, curiosity has replaced integrity, social intelligence has shoved aside fairness, grit has replaced honesty, and something called zest has been put in the place of caring.  These new values to be drilled into urban children represent those of the hedge funders, vulture capitalists, and predatory philanthropists who control and get fat from the operations of these zero tolerance hellholes.

The charter chain predators are on the move in Providence, RI, where Achievement First has a plan that would drain between $6-9 million annually from the public school budget of the city.  This would represent a death blow to efforts by the public schools in Providence to continue quality programs that have resulted in big improvements in recent years.

Local parent groups are appealing to Governor Chafee to intervene to stop the disastrous intrusion by the vultures who see Providence as another potential feeding site, as public institutions continue to suffer from the economic disaster brought on by the predators of Wall Street in 2008. 

Go the Change.org and sign their petition.  Help Providence parents save their schools from the vultures and to say NO to zero tolerance schools.

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  1. How can they even call themselves philanthropists? True blue ones, like John Hayson, would never do charitable work with their own personal benefit as a reason.