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Thursday, July 05, 2012

What Dennis and the Prostisuits Won't Allow NEA Delegates to Say

Posted at UOON:

Text of Jonathan Massey’s speech.
“Jonathan Massey, Arizona, speaking as an individual in support of this item.
Some of you may remember that, in 2009, noted “friend of public education” Newt Gingrich went on a nation-wide speaking tour with Arne Duncan and Al Sharpton to promote Race to the Top.
Others may recall that, just two years ago, the NEA Representative Assembly voted non-concurrence with President Obama’s education policies, AKA Race to the Top.
Some may realize that, a little over a year ago, when Wisconsin teachers were on the ropes fighting for their rights, Barack Obama chose not to go to support them, and instead went to Florida to appear with former Governor Jeb Bush to laud him in public as “a champion of education reform.”
Recently, our country’s Voucherista-in-Chief, Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, praised the Obama Administration’s efforts on education. And, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie described the Obama Administration’s education policies as an only-Nixon-could-go-to-China kind of moment, saying, “We need a Democratic president to make these reforms in education to lead the way.”
Joe Williams, Executive Director of Democrats for Education Reform (AKA part of The Billionaire Boys Club) said that in the ‘90s there was a push for changes in education by governors, but it dried up, and that Barack Obama gave the mojo back to governors!
Race to the Top is a catastrophic program for students, schools, and teachers, driven by private school-educated elitists and corporatists seeking to undermine public education so they can slice up the educational pie for profit.
Both Race to the Top and Arne Duncan need to go, and there is no organization better than the NEA to say it!
Oh, yes, did I mention that Mitt Romney has said repeatedly that he agrees with President Obama’s educational policies? He has! And he does!
Thank you.”
[Sources aside from general knowledge: “Obama, GOP governors share many views on education” by Kimberly Hefling, May 8, 2012, AP; “Obama praises Jeb Bush on education reform” by Nia-Malika Henderson and Peter Wallsten, March 4, 2011, washingtonpost.com]

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