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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Houston KIPPsters Blow Off Steam by Hanging Classmate

From Fox affiliate in Houston:

By Alexander Supgul, Digital Content Manager - bio

On May 20 during recess at KIPP Academy, David Rodriguez says he quite nearly strangled to death.
"I thought I was going to die and I was not going to see my Mom, my Dad and my sister," said Rodriguez.
David's mother, Zulma Rodriguez, insists her 3rd grader was persuaded by classmates to put a string around his neck and stand beneath a tree on a cinder block - a block that was knocked away.
"The kids were just laughing at him, just laughing and laughing and he said he was struggling to take it off," said Zulma.
David says after the passage of 20 terrifying seconds he managed to break free and preserve his life. Photographs of his neck clearly show rope burns.
Four weeks later his mother is still angry that no grownups at KIPP intervened.
"I want them to be like more responsible. I mean, where were the teachers during that time? They were supposed to be watching them," said Zulma.

KIPP says it is cooperating with the Rodriguez's but has not determined where the thin rope came from. . . .

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