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Friday, June 06, 2014

Opt Out Guidance for NY Parents and Pearson Field Tests

from We Love Montessori at GW:
The GW Elementary School was selected to participate in the NYS Field Test program in Math on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11th. GW Elementary School 3rd graders will be given this test that is to be administered over the course of 40 minutes.
A field test is an exam that the company PEARSON (READ this article from WNYC’s blog) and other test developers give to “try out” new questions for future exams.  These guys make a bundle selling their tests back to the State.  What do our children receive in return? Time away from important studies.
“Reputable researchers spell out their aims, invite participation, and pay subjects. This is not the case with test publishers. Children provide free labor for product testing, while their parents and even their schools are kept in the dark.”
READ: “What’s Wrong with Field Tests”
Here is draft text to use if you wish to opt out on June 11th. Please get your letter submitted into the main office ASAP:
Dear (Principal)
We are writing to you on behalf of our child xxxx.  We understand that xxx’s grade may be selected to participate in a stand-alone field test on June 11th. Field tests have no educational relevance for our child and lack of participation carries no financial consequences for our school district. Therefore, we are writing to inform you that our child will not participate in the field test this spring. We expect that our child will be provided with alternative activities during the testing period. 
We would like to thank you in advance for your support and continued efforts to meet our child’s educational needs.

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