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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Student Privacy and Opting Out

from Peggy Robertson:
Student Privacy Matters has recently posted information to support parents in understanding how they can exercise their rights to protect their children’s privacy under federal law.  As we have reviewed the documents there are a couple things that stand out as absolutely urgent for all parents to know. First, for parents of children under age 13, you have the right to review and REFUSE any online programs and online testing that your child is using – programs in which your child is entering the data (this does NOT include online programs the teacher is using to enter student data). The Children’s Online Privacy Protecting Act (COPPA) allows parents to control what information is collected online from their children twelve and under. Therefore, as a parent, you have a right to find out what information is being collected, you can review what information is being collected, and you can REFUSE to allow your child to participate in the online program.  You can simply opt your child out of the program – or the online test. . . .
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