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Friday, July 01, 2016

Comtemplating Murder

Contemplating Murder
Jim Horn

Think about this.   Your mother is sick and getting sicker.  You and your family get her to a great doctor, then another, then a third, who is the best in the world.  They all tell you that your mom has been poisoned by toxins that were in the food she ate all her life, and she must receive immediate treatment and surgery, followed by a lengthy convalescence with close medical monitoring.  That, or die a long an agonizing death that will deplete the resources of your entire family, leaving you and them penniless and in a wasted state that will result in death as well.

There is a catch.  The hospitals won’t treat your mother without insurance company approval, and your family does not have even close to the resources required to get the job done the way your mom needs. 

You and your family members amass all the medical opinions and relevant test data related to your mother’s case. The insurance company is unmoved.  You use the resources at your disposal to hire attorneys to present your case in court.  The insurance company hires their own doctors to examine your mom’s test results.  They conclude that your mother’s condition is a natural phase she is going through that will eventually pass.  Her present condition has nothing to do with the quality of her nutritional intake, and no one is liable for her current state.  The court cannot reach a judgment.

The insurance company launches a public relations campaign to alert families across the world to be aware of this condition if it arises in other families.  Their advice: be vigilant and if symptoms appear, administer aspirin regularly.

The insurance company goes one step further.  They file suit against your family for bringing a frivolous lawsuit against them.  The courts conclude that your family is barred from further legal action related to your mother’s condition.

Your family watches your mom’s condition deteriorate.  She is wild with fever, heaving on her bed, growing weaker each day. 

When all hope seems to be gone, word arrives that the insurance companies have conceded that there does seem to be a problem with your mom’s condition.  In fact, they are willing to provide exactly half the required treatment that the expert doctors concluded that your mom requires.  The doctors are unanimous: such treatment will only prolong her suffering without curing the illness.

This is where we are, my brothers and sisters.  This is the desolated space our morally bankrupt ecological insurance and health systems have prepared for us.  Are we to wait at the edge of the bed, watching our dear mother waste away? 

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  How do we stop the slow-motion killers who sit idly by after their remote control murder is actuated, entirely assured as they are that their system of justice will never touch them?  

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