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Saturday, July 30, 2016


By Doug Martin, Author of Hoosier School Heist

Two of the biggest threats to public education in America are Eli Broad and Walmart’s Alice Walton, and they are both giving big to Hillary’s Victory Fund for her presidential race.

Over the years for various offices and in various election cycles, Eli Broad has given Hillary $17,400, according to FEC records.  But this year, Broad, a huge charter school promoter and longtime Clinton family friend, is upping the ante.

In January 2016, Broad handed Hillary’s Victory Fund $33,400.
Hillary’s Victory Fund is a joint fund which also financially benefits countrywide Democrats, but Bernie Sanders’ campaign has accused the Hillary campaign of pocketing a good majority of the cash from the Hillary Victory Fund.  

Politico, in fact, found that “less than 1 percent of the $61 million raised” for the Hillary Victory Fund went to state parties. 

Hillary’s Victory Fund includes billionaire donors like school privatization queen Alice Walton of Walmart, the mega union-busting corporation where Hillary once was a board member.   Alice Walton has not only given money within legal limits to Hillary’s presidential campaign, she has donated over $350,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund. 

I don’t have time to go into Hillary’s $48.5 million in campaign money from hedge fund managers (a few that are--or their families—even mentioned in Hoosier School Heist), but I will be connecting the dots soon. 

As the author of  Hoosier School Heist,  Doug Martin’s research has been used by or referenced in Salon, Alternet, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, PBS, and newspapers and radio shows across Indiana and America.  His newest book project deals with Big Pharma, Big Medicine, the Cancer Industry, hospital fraud, and nursing home and health care corruption in Indiana.

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