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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

DFER Is Thrilled with DNC Platform, and So Is NEA Prez

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And why wouldn't DFER be thrilled?  Democrats for Education Reform is the poisonous tip of the corporate education reform spear inside the DNC.  It is run directed by the hedge fund water carriers at the corporate think tank, Education Sector, in DC, even though the advisory board is studded with modern-day Booker Ts.  

Shaver Jeffries is one of those DFER black faces chosen to transmit the white philanthropists' message for black consumption:
We are thrilled that our Party has reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to progressive education policies that help ensure every student, regardless of their zip code or their background, receives the world-class public education they deserve.
Why is Mr. Jeffries thrilled?  Hillary and the Dems have approved a platform that doubles down on more testing accountability and a massive new commitment to segregated corporate charter schools:
  • On Raising Standards & Strengthening Accountability: “Democrats believe that all students should be taught to high academic standards. Schools should receive adequate resources and support. We will hold schools, districts, communities, and states accountable for raising achievement levels for all students—particularly low-income students, students of color, English Language Learners, and students with disabilities.”
  • On Ensuring Public School Choice & Supporting High-Quality Public Charters: “Democrats are also committed to providing parents with high-quality public school options and expanding these options for low-income youth. We support great neighborhood public schools and high-quality public charter schools, and we will help them disseminate best practices to other school leaders and educators.”
Yesterday DFER got a booster shot for their enthused contagion when Hillary spoke at the NEA convention.  From Mr. Jeffries, quoted in the Washington Post
“We were happy to see her specifically affirm her support for high-quality public charter schools,” said Shavar Jeffries, president of the pro-charter group Democrats for Education Reform. “Her statements today reiterate her commitment to reform.”
Also enthusing on Hillary's remarks was DFER's mouthpiece inside NEA, President Lily Eskelsen:
“There are some successful charter schools,” she said. “Let’s look at what makes them work.”
To find out, President Eskelsen, what "makes them work, may I suggest you may start with my modest contribution to the subject.

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